Just Ducky

Just Ducky is a plush toy made for babies 0-2 years. Its a soft, soothing friend meant to comfort a child when their parents are not around.

My target market for this "playful forms" project was babies aged 0-2 years old. I wanted to create a friendly creature that would encourage self-soothing at a young age. The product needed to be soft, easy to grasp and have some level of interaction for both the child and parent. I focused my ideation on animals but exaggerated their characteristics so they became more organic and dream-like.
The final solution had an insulated pocket for a heating pad or soothing essential oils for parents to help their child fall asleep. The pocket closed with soft velcro and has an easy open tab. The variety of textures and oversized wings gave the baby something to grasp and a rattle is also incorporated when the duck "flies". Just Ducky is a friendly companion with a purpose.
After all threads were trimmed, Just Ducky was ready for photography.
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