Hex Stool

was an experimentation with woodworking techniques through a furniture design concept.

To approximate the seat size and silhouette, I made models out of cardboard. I finalized the size and shape with feedback from an ergonomic study and established measurements in full-sized drawings.
The angle of the mortise and taper of the legs were just a few areas to consider before working in wood. 
I purchased a piece of cherry wood that was large enough to accommodate one seat and six legs so I could practice turning tenons. My first practice piece (see right) was surprisingly close to my measurements but the tenon was too short. My trials and errors left me with two spare blanks for a second stool.
Once the seat and legs were shaped, I fit the tenons into the mortises and glued them with West Systems Epoxy. My professors and I created a stack (see below) to keep pressure on the joints overnight while the epoxy cured. 
After thorough sanding, painting and polishing, the Hex Stool was complete and ready for photography.
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